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Melting Snow Causing Major Problems for Homeowners

Between the lake effect snow bands and melting temperatures predicted, water causes major problems for some homeowners. Fast melts cause the ground water to rise quickly, over-saturating the area. This allows water to overwhelm your basement walls, or enter into your sewer pipes and flood back into your home. First, listen for issues or problems. If you hear odd sounds it is pointing to bigger problems on the horizon. If you notice gurgling, bubbling or any strange noise coming from your pipes, locate the source of the it coming from one or more drains? does it only happen during rains or thaws? Secondly, if your walls show signs of water or dampness identify the areas. Is the dampness always present to you ever have water dripping into the residence? The more information you can collect, the better it is make it to assess the root of your problem. And yes, sometime it can be roots! Finally, ask a professional. I know as a professional, I welcome questions from homeowners. I take the time to explain the problem, assess what needs to be done, and give a resolution. If you are having water issues and need a resolution..... Call Mike's Excavating today at 440-846-5507 or 216-244-3575 to always speak to a expert directly, like us on facebook, or visit to live chat, join a forum for advice, or even become a member. #sewerexpert #professionalalwaysonduty #flooding #sewerdrainwaterproofing

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Nov 28, 2022

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