Not all Sewer Companies are the Same!!!

Experience the difference with Mike's Excavating Sewer Drain & Waterproofing

Clogged Drain? Gurgling Pipes?

Mike's Excavating has over 30 years of experience in full service plumbing, sewer and waterproofing diagnostics repair and replacement. Our team of professionals is eager to remedy your plumbing and sewer needs quickly

Free Video Inspection Services

Call today for information on how to receive free Video and Locator Services.

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Contact information 

Address: 6616 West Smith Road Medina, Ohio 44256

Phone 216-244-3575

Mobile 440-846-5507

Clogged Sewer 

Clogged Sewer? Emergency services are available. Call Now or click on the icon below to schedule 

Video Inspection

Video Inspection and locator services elimiante the guess work! Our professionals will find and fix the problem  


WET  CRACKED WALLS??  Not all waterproofing is the same. Click on icon below to speak to a professional 

Water back-up

Basement back-up??  Call the experts at Mike's Excavating to remedy the problem. Click the icon to speak to a pro!